S.W.I.M. Leadership Team

Susan K. Abrams


Since retiring in 2011 from a corporate training company, and as an author and conference speaker, my vision and goals are to serve Christian women in ministry. The opportunity to serve has spanned over 15 years in a variety of ways. Serving on the boards of Christ Our Savior U.M.C., as Finance Chair, Assistance League of Antelope Valley as V.P. Strategic Planning, and as a Board member of Supporting Women In Ministry International, the most rewarding experience is serving as President of S.W.I.M. Int’l. My belief is the Lord places you where you are needed with gifts, skills and talents that prepare you for Kingdom work. Speaking and teaching in women’s ministry has instilled in me a desire to serve women. The Lord calls on women to rise and take their place as women in leadership to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dive in and be Anointed for Kingdom Work. My husband, Robert Abrams, is the “love-of-my-life,” for 40 years, and together we raised two amazing sons, Robert Jr. and Justin.

Rev. Laurie Graber

VP Strategic Planning & Ordination Chair

Rev. Laurie Graber is an Itinerant Minister whose passion is to help individuals build and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Laurie serves in the position of Vice President on the Board of Directors of Supporting Women in Ministry International. She has been a member of S.W.I.M. since February of 2014.
Laurie and her husband, Tom, are retired career federal government civil servants. Laurie retired in February 2015 with 33 years of distinguished federal service. Tom retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in December 2004 with 30 years of federal service and 31 years of military service in the United States Army. They are proud parents of four children and seven grandchildren. In addition to playing lite-sabers with her youngest grandson, Laurie enjoys crafts, quilting, and gardening.
Laurie and her husband, Tom, co-founded “Acres of Hope” Ministry at The Gathering Place (TGP), a Christian Retreat Center, built on her parent’s dairy farm in Norwalk, WI. On August 2, 2018, they acquired a former Cistercian Abbey. The Abbey was renamed Sparrows Nest at the Abbey based on the scriptures of Matthew 10:29-31 and Luke 12:6-7. Laurie and Tom’s love for the Lord has led them to minister and mentor small groups (men, women, and youth), military personnel, and pastors with their families. They share an excellent partnership with local churches, businesses, and non-profit groups. They are looking forward to an expansion of “Acres of Hope,” Ministry. The Grabers plan to continue to serve the Lord as He guides and directs them to those He places on their path. You can see more of their ministry efforts at the Acres of Hope Ministry website: sparrowsnest-abbey.com or email Laurie at [email protected], Laurie’s phone number is 661-406-1721. Send Laurie a note or give her a call she would love to hear from you and will share any aspects of her journey with the Lord and how He has asked her to serve.

Rev. Norma Guerrant

Spiritual Director

Rev. Norma Guerrant pastored with her clergy husband, Don, at Christ Our Savior United Methodist Church in the high desert town of Quartz Hill, Ca. Rev. Guerrant has led numerous prayer ministries both inside the church and in para-church settings. She is an experienced workshop, seminar and retreat speaker. Norma’s passion for Jesus Christ, love for the Word of God and enthusiasm for the Holy Spirit is wonderfully contagious in her presence. Norma served SWIM on its founding board of Directors for several years and continues to lead Georgetown, Texas Regional Group. She is on the Leadership Team as the Spiritual Director, serving in the area of her special calling of intercessory prayer. Norma and Don are rightfully proud of their two grown sons and granddaughter.

Rev. Gwen Ehrenborg

Founder and International Ambassador

Rev. Gwen Ehrenborg is enjoying the semi-retired pastor’s life having co-pastored, with her husband, 5 California churches for over 30 years. Gwen is still active as a General Evangelist in the United Methodist Church, which allows her to officially represent the denomination throughout the nations. Gwen brings to her teaching and preaching a variety of life experiences having served in Zaire, Africa as a single missionary and then in Mexico with her late-husband. Widowed at age 27, while expecting her first child; she soon attended Fuller Theological Seminary to earn a Masters of Divinity degree.

Pastor Gwen is best known for her drama and teaching ministry, Living Witnesses through which she dramatically portrays 7 different leading women of Church history. Beginning in l984, these performances have been well received by Catholics and Protestants alike. Active on a number of para-church ministries, her great passion is S.W.I.M. International. Gwen felt God’s prompting to begin S.W.I.M. in 2004 by first bringing women in ministry and prayer intercessors together in support groups. After chairing the S.W.I.M. Board of Directors for 13 years, she now travels as its International Ambassador. Her latest book, Church Mothers, 7 Women of Letters at Crossroads in History, shares the fruitful accomplishments and inspiring faith of women whom God raised up to be highly influential spiritual leaders.

Gwen and her husband, Todd, live on Camano Island in Washington State and have 3 grown children and one cute granddaughter. Gwen is a gifted storyteller who has a warm and energetic style of sharing Biblical truths upon a sound theological foundation. She loves to play the piano, lead Christian tour groups to Europe and the Holy Land, and can sometimes be caught spontaneously singing silly songs in a “Cinderelli” mouse voice.

Rev. Denise Much


Denise fills the position as Secretary on the SWIM Board. She is an itinerant speaker and teacher. She is a co-founder and ministers at A Day Away with Jesus, an annual healing conference. Denise writes the SWIM devotions and leads and writes for a devotional team at her local church. She is part of a prayer team at her church and also serves as part of a prayer team for Cleansing Stream Ministry. She has served a part of a prophetic prayer team at conferences.

Denise has been mentoring women for years. She is never too busy to pray for people or meet with someone over the phone. Denise knows firsthand the struggles of overcoming a troubled past. The Lord began to call her after the death of her firstborn son. The Lord has given her a compassionate message of hope, faith, healing for the bereaved, the lost, and the hurting. She has a passion for restoration, healing, and discipleship. Denise has been married to Robert for 43 years, has 4 adult children, 8 grandchildren.

Mary Alice Grossman

Prayer Coordinator

Mary Alice is currently the leader of the Women’s Bible Study at Christ Our Savior United Methodist Church (COSUMC) as well as the Staff-Pastor Parish Relations Committee Lead and a member of the Trustee’s board. She has been a prayer intercessor for COSUMC for the last four years. She has also been serving intermittently on the High Desert and Channel Island Emmaus Walks and consistently on the Cornerstone Chrysalis Flights. The Lord has also called her to a healing ministry. She served as the Cornerstone Chrysalis Flight Director for Flight #23 in February 2020. She recently became a Prayer Intercessor for the Wesleyan Covenant Association.

Dive in and be Anointed!