SWIM Nation Calls are free 30-minute teaching or inspirational programs which allow participants from across the nation to view and listen to speakers on a variety of Biblical topics. These calls are featured on Zoom.us links that are provided with each session.

National Calls

Past SWIM Nation Calls

March 20, 2021, SWIM Nation Call

“Prepared and Grounded for Ministry”

Hosted by Sandy Gardner

Sandy Gardner brings real-life experience with wisdom and encouragement to women called by God to live a life of purpose. As a registered nurse for over 41 years (Oh, the stories she could tell), sharing ministry with her pastor husband and overcoming some challenging childhood experiences, she loves to encourage women in the healing love and grace of our Savior! Sandy is a Mom, Grandma, walker, reader, music lover, painter. She loves God’s word and loves bringing it to life.

November 21,  2020, SWIM Nation Call

“How to Place God in Control of Every Situation in Your Life.”

Hosted by Rev. Mary Lou Flesh

One of our sisters in SWIM International, helped me name my ministry. In 2007, at the Prince of Peace Abby retreat center, my sister in Christ said, “God just told me you are a pilot light,” and Pilot Light Ministries began. I am a worship leader. My main ministry vehicle is music and song. The purpose of my ministry is to fulfill God’s call on my life to tell His story and bring joy and peace to everyone I encounter. My work is to ignite hope, faith, truth, and love to all. I have been a retreat worship leader for over 30 years. And, I sing in hospitals and retirement homes. I am a professional television, film, voice-over artist. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, how do you minister in the kind of secular world? Well, God did not create a sacred and secular world, He created one world. It is my job is to shine whenever and wherever I am. No excuses. When I shine, it is Jesus who turned on the light in me. Halleluiah! Thank you, Lord Jesus.

September 19th, 2020, SWIM Nation Call

“How to Pray to have Peace and a Good Relationship with Others.

Hosted by Rev. Barbara Parnell

Barbara is an elder in the California Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church where she was ordained after serving almost 20 years as Music/Education Director at various churches. After ordination, she served as Pastor in two churches in the San Diego area, the last one for 9 years. After their move to the east coast, she served a church in Alexandria.

April 18th, 2020, SWIM Nation Call

How to Pray for God’s Provision in Your Life and the Lives of Others

Hosted by Pastor Emma (Vega) Leyva

Pastor Emma pastors at Montclair UMC and Westmount UMC. She is passionate, inspiring and filled with wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

February 15, 2020, SWIM Nation Call

How to Pray Relational Prayers

Hosted by Susan Abrams

A lot of people pray for family, friends, our church, city, nation, and the world, etc. We all have our special prayer focus on ministries that we have a burden for. And then we pray for ourselves for daily needs and requests. But how often do we pray for increased intimacy with God to have those heart-to-heart talks with him throughout our day?

July 2019 SWIM Nation Call

Audio file for the SWIM Summer webinar

Apostel Pamela Christian 

The Summer Gathering was called “Come to the Water…Where Two or Three are Gathered” and features Pamela Christian who shared her personal testimony (warts and all) to encourage attendees to understand what we often think “disqualifies” us is precisely what God sees as our elite credentials. While it is the enemy’s desire to cause life adversities to beat us down, God will use them to build us up if we know how to partner with God.

May 2019 Swim Nation Call

Your Descendants Shall Possess Their Christian Heritage.

Cathy Coopola

Reclaiming our teens and adult children for the Lord

March 2019 SWIM National Call

Hurry Up God

Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner

Watch Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner, author, speaker, and radio personality, as she speaks about the waiting room in “Hurry Up God.” Sheryl gave an inspiring message of personal testimony and wisdom from the Lord when you’re waiting for an answer from God.​

November 2018 Swim Nation Call

Everybody Gets in the Water Differently

Rev. Mary Lou Flesh

Watch and listen as Rev. Mary Lou Flesh shares visions from the Lord about giving thanks. She starts off with “Everybody gets in the water differently and how to see it from God’s perspective.” Then Mary Lou takes a through “flipping” commercials on TV to hear God’s words for you. And, finally looking for God’s presence in unusual places. Share this links with friends to bless this Thanksgiving

January 2018, SWIM Nation Call

Grace & Truth

Rev. Ruth Miller

Watch and Listen as Rev. Ruth Miller presents an amazing message this morning on the SWIM Nation Call about Grace and Truth.

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