Spring Cleaning

By January 26, 2020 June 10th, 2020 5 Comments

The last couple of days have been beautiful outside with a promise of spring.  It stirs in my heart the need for spring cleaning. You know, throw open every window, and clean out every nook and cranny.   Get rid of the unused, the obsolete, and the broken. We all hang on to things we think we’ll use someday, or keep waiting to lose weight to fit into. It’s time to downsize the amount of stuff packed away.

Let’s not stop at cleaning out our homes but let’s clean out our spiritual houses also. Like old offenses, old unforgiveness, and any sin we’ve been hiding. While we’re at it let’s release shame, regrets and guilt we’ve tucked away in the corner of our hearts and let’s toss out the unbelief and doubt that seem to attack us when we pray. I’m talking about spiritual spring cleaning. 

A while ago I ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in like 20 years.  Normally I would be happy to catch up with an old friend but as I stood before them I remembered all that had transpired the last time I had seen them. It hadn’t ended well and because of their unrepented sin, I had marked them as unsafe. I remember forgiving and releasing them, but I  wanted nothing to do with them. Here they were before me. What do you do? I prayed inwardly. I felt the gentle nudge of the Father letting me know He wanted to cleanse me of the offense and unforgiveness, even after all these years. It was time to open up the windows of my heart and let a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blow through. 

Just like when we go to clean out our house, we don’t always know to what extent we need to clean out until we are in the middle of it all, so it is with our hearts.  We need to be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to go deep. Allowing Him to search us, to know us, even those things we don’t want to look at. If there is still pain or unpleasantness attached to a memory, it could mean we still need healing. So often we avoid the pain instead of allowing the Lord to heal us. Fear has torment, if we’re afraid to look at something, it is also an indication of our need for healing.  Remember, He’s God. He created heaven and earth, loved us so much He gave His Son for us. He can create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us when asked.  

It may only take me a couple of days to clean out my house but because of His grace and mercy for us, He is patient with us, always loving us, gives us time to repent, time to forgive, time to heal. 

If you need help praying, pray, Holy Spirit you know me inside and out. I don’t even know what I’m hanging onto but I give you permission to cleanse my heart. Show me, Lord, any sin, unforgiveness I’m hanging on to, that I may repent of. I don’t want anything interfering with a deeper walk with you.

I always feel good after a spring cleaning, exhausted but good. I appreciate my load lightened. It feels good after a spiritual spring cleaning too, more room for God’s love, grace and mercy. 

I would love to hear how your spring cleaning went. You can comment in the space below or email at [email protected]

Rev. Denise Much




  • Todd B Ehrenborg says:

    Dear Denise, Your devotional on “Spring Cleaning” was EXCELLENT!! Very well done! I’m passing it on to to others. Thank you for your ministry and your deep commitment to our Lord Jesus. In Christ Alone, Todd Ehrenborg

  • Tracy says:

    My Friend that was wonderful! How timely the Lord is and how gentle, but always so gently persistent and guiding us to healing those things we can’t see ourselves. His timing is transforming. Thankful for the Holy Spirit. Thank you for this wonderful devotion I loved it.

  • Marlene R DiNapoli says:

    Excellent word on “Spring Cleaning” Denise, thank you!
    It does bring a few things to mind which I do need to continue to clean out of my heart/mind. It’s never been easy, but we weren’t promised easy.
    Thank God for His immense pardon/forgiveness.
    Love you Denise and your heart for our Lord and Savior.